Photo of Paz y Luz Guest, Healing and Conference Center in Pisac, Peru.











Paz y Luz Hotel and Healing Center is now being operated under the name of Nidra Wasi Holistic Center, with Daya and his team managing all 24 guest rooms, the restaurant, the Spa, the Bungalows and the conference rooms.

Paz y Luz is grateful to all our wonderful guests and groups who have been been guests for the past 15 years. Be assured that the beautiful mountain vistas and powerful energy of the apus, continue to surround Nidra Wasi. The upgraded rooms and gardens, along with Daya and his wonderful staff will continue to welcome you with gratitude and love.

To make a reservation write to reservas@nidrawasi.com

Diane Dunn remains Daya’s silent partner, living in Pisac but will no longer be involved in the running of the Center.

If you are coming with a group, Nidra Wasi happy to host you, as well as connect you with one of our spiritually oriented guides who can help you set up a customized tour to Machu Picchu and other sites. They can welcome your group with a despacho ceremony, a ritual offering by indigenous shamans. Diane also offers a one-day workshop as an introduction to the Andean Spiritual tradition working with the four elements (Earth, Water, Air & Fire).

Diane Dunn, a New Yorker, moved to Peru in 2000 to create a center where people from all over the world, with many spiritual and healing traditions could gather together in the powerful energy of the Andes. Three years later, Paz y Luz was born, starting with her house and a few guest rooms. It has now grown to 24 guest rooms, 3 two-bedroom bungalows, 2 dedicated healing rooms, a restaurant, a stunning Spa and two beautiful glass-walled conference rooms that are ideal for yoga, dance, art and other workshops. Diane has her own website now. Check it out!