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How I Arrived in Peru

In 1987, nine years after coming to New York City to seek my fame and fortune as an actress and theatrical producer, I went to a psychic who told me, “I see you in Peru”. My reaction was the same as if she said she saw me in Outer Mongolia or the moon. At that time, I wasn’t remotely interested in Peru and politely told her she must be mistaken.

Ten years later after graduating from theological seminary in New York and spending nine years as an outreach minister in Johannesburg, South Africa, I went to hear a visiting anthropologist speak about his many years working with healers and shamans in Peru. I was riveted. By intermission, I knew I had to go there. It happened that the speaker was leading a group later that year to a special conference and I registered to attend.

The Solstice Celebration in Cusco’s Sacred Valley (1998) was a gathering of healers and shamans from different parts of Peru as well as North and South America. The conference opened with an inspiring speech: “So, why are we here?” Hatun Runa asked. “Because now is the time of the great awakening!! We are here to accelerate the evolution of our becoming one with the universal spirit. Now is when our questions will lead us to the understanding of who we really are. We are gatekeepers of the winds of transformation, change and healing of the planet earth and all of her inhabitants…”

This vision, this call to transformation in the new millennium was the very thing I had been praying to be a part of. I returned to Johannesburg inspired and wrote a letter to Regis, a shaman I met there with whom I had a very strong connection, saying thank you and that I wanted to learn more. I volunteered to arrange a workshop if they could come to South Africa. The invitation was casual and open ended.

One month later, I received an email from Regis in Spanish. A friend translated it for me.

“Dear Diane

“I received your letter and feel great satisfaction that the universal force is with you and that you are the recipient of cosmic harmony. This means that now you have amplified your consciousness and you now understand that your existence on this planet earth has as its mission, to expand the light of wisdom and to go establishing the truth, the spiritual force among human beings.

“As a citizen of the world, I travel to distant geographical points of the planet and I go there, where my presence is needed. Therefore, I accept with much gratitude your invitation to go to Johannesburg from January 7-10. You organize the form and timetable of the work and my participation in the event, I am sure will augment the energy and light in Johannesburg.

“I have been thinking very much about you and your great spiritual sensibility. In this respect, I tell you that only when the disciple is prepared, does the master come.

Your friend, Regis”

I was so excited about the workshop that I didn’t fully digest the other parts of Regis’ message. I wasn’t thinking about my “amplified consciousness” or “my mission to expand the light of wisdom” which seemed a bit grand from my current perspective. But to plan and attend a workshop, that I could do.

When he arrived, we talked together like old friends. He had come because of me, he said.

The workshop was a magical experience, more than I could have imagined. It opened the door to my new life. On his last night in Johannesburg Regis said that he had something he wanted to show me. Regis unrolled some papers he had in a tube. He laid before me a beautiful drawing of a vision he had received for a interfaith spirituality center in Peru.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I was part of this vision.  In a brief moment of deep intuitive knowing, time seemed to stand still. I was at peace and delighted by all aspects of this new opportunity.

Regis then explained his vision: to create a large center where people from all over the world, from different religions and faith traditions could gather together for spiritual practice and social service. The Sacred Valley near Cusco was an ideal location because of the strong energy vortex there, which would naturally attract people and assist in our efforts for unity and transformation.

That night I committed myself to help Regis develop the Center even though I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly. It all made sense to me on some strange level.

One year later (June, 2000) I began my new life in Cusco, Peru where I continue to practice Andean energy healing at the Paz y Luz Healing Center in Pisac (Cusco’s Sacred Valley). I also have a Bed & Breakfast and I offer mystical tours of the ancient sacred sites – a travel holiday designed to nurture the soul. Surrounded by mountain peaks and a multitude of nearby ancient sacred sites, rich agricultural valleys and flowing rivers, it is easy to remember my connection with the elements and to elicit their assistance when I’m feeling off balance. I continue to cultivate other ways of knowing and learn from my master teachers.

The Paz y Luz (Peace and Light) Healing Center is a gathering place for people from around the world, who come to give and receive healing and share their spiritual traditions and practices. The vision made manifest.  We hosted our first Interspiritual Gathering in August 2006 to envision, experience and manifest the world the way we want it to be.  It was an awesome and inspiring event. We will host another one in October, 2007 and hope to make it an annual event.

Now I smile when I remember the reaction I had in 1987 to the psychic who said, “I see you in Peru”. I’m so happy she was right.