I am a person who believes there is a force in this amazing divine creation that assists us to become our best selves. Sometimes I call that force “spirit”. For the past 20-something years I have learned to pay close attention to unbidden serendipitous connections and messages that have led me to new and life-changing opportunities.

A few months after my first book was published in 2006, a woman calling herself Imaya, appeared at my Peruvian retreat center in the Sacred Valley saying she had a message for me. She hadn’t seen my book nor was it clear how she found me. She told me she was a channel and a messenger she called Luz wanted her to tell me some things.

I knew from previous experiences that I probably should pay attention but I was still somewhat skeptical. We had a few sessions together which went a bit beyond my comfort zone but the main message I received was soon a new phase of my work would begin.  It confirmed what I was already feeling so I was able to accept it graciously and thanked her for coming.

The next day, we drove into Cusco together. Our conversation seemed ordinary until out of the blue, she said “Your man may be close at hand.” “What man!” I almost shouted. It surprised me because for many years before moving to Peru, I had longed to meet my soul mate. But by then, I had found my calling and no longer felt I needed a partner to be fulfilled. What I felt was an odd mix of anger and fear. I defensively told her I wasn’t looking for a man. I was happy the way I was. She just smiled which irritated me even more.

My harsh reaction to her casual comment eventually led me to contemplate if in fact, I had really released my desire to find my soul mate. In my meditation time I sat down with spirit to discuss if I still had work to do in this area. I said, “If I can heal whatever it is on my own, great. I will make that my intention and we can get started. If I need a relationship to do that work, then you deliver the appropriate man to my doorstep!”

A few months later, Christer showed up at my center with a spiritual group from Sweden. Within six months he moved to Peru and six months after that we were married and of course, a new phase of my work began, together with Christer.

Many things have happened before and since that keep me convinced that it is always helpful to pay attention to surprising connections. This awareness has become second nature to me. But something happened yesterday that made me realize how much out of the mainstream this concept is. It made me wonder how many times we miss the opportunities the universe is giving us, to receive just what we need, even if it isn’t what we’re looking for. How many times do we miss opportunities that would enrich our lives?

Last week I was told in a healing session, the film idea I am developing about my life with Christer, was a key part to the new kind of work that will be unfolding for me. The advice I received was to reach out to make helpful connections to move that project along. Just after the session, I received an unexpected email from my friend Nick in NYC. We communicate rarely, and for that reason I paid attention.

I knew Nick to be a well connected artist and entrepreneur in New York so I decided to tell him about my idea and ask if he knew anyone in the film business who might be interested in working on the project with me. The film I envision is called The Fifth Year, about my relationship with Christer for the full year after he died. Both characters (Diane & Christer) have spirit guides who are characters in the film. I see the movie exploring not only the deeper meaning of love and relationship but also another perspective on life and death.

I told Nick I would like someone in the business (screen writer/director/producer) to help me develop a script, and of course, eventually to make the movie. He wrote back immediately with the name and email of a woman in NYC who he said was “a brilliant writer/director/producer, and may have the full skill set you need.”

I wrote her right away, without researching anything about her. My email was warm and friendly saying Nick had sent me. I told her how Christer and I met and how he died suddenly, only four years later. I told her other intimate details of our relationship as a way of introducing the film idea. I hoped she would find it all interesting enough to explore some ideas with me.

Her answer surprised me. After saying I had a compelling concept for a film, she went straight into what I would need to pay her to write the script for me. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to pay someone to work with me but I was surprised she did not share with me first, who she was, what she has done before and why we might be a good fit to work on this project together.

In response to my reply asking her to share some of her professional experience with me, she wrote back, “Got it. But I am afraid I have way too much going on to work free of charge.” I’m not sure what she “got” but what she didn’t get was the chance to discover that some connections might have an opportunity in them whose value could be worth more than money.

I travel the world teaching wonderful people about the magic in nature and life, if we only make time to connect, to tune in to other frequencies. People from all over the world come here as well, to discover more meaning and purpose in their lives. Most of the people I encounter on a regular basis, already know what Nick’s film contact did not, which is why I found her response so jarring. I‘ve grown accustomed to associating with people who share this way of being in the world, who connect on a personal level, discovering what’s valuable about the connection before discussing dollars and cents.

Perhaps “the way too much going on” in her life could increase in value, if she took it as a sign to slow down, taking time to relate on a human level prior to the financial. Maybe she could have used an R&R break at Paz y Luz in exchange for some professional guidance.

I thank her though, for the opportunity to remember what matters to me and to value connections that lead to new insight. It wasn’t the film connection I was looking for but certainly clarified what I’m not looking for. I am sure the perfect project partnership is still in the works up there in the great beyond. I’m tuning in for directions.