Our 4-day trek to the Q’eros and back, was a profound experience with the elements, nature and our inner selves. We had hail, rain, sleet, snow, midst, fog, wind, freezing temps and enough brief sunshine each day to remind us that “Inti” was hearing our call while remaining elusive, until our last day when he came out shining in all his glory. We were cold, wet and snuggled up warm in our fleece, down jackets, sleeping bags, blankets and tents. The horses took us and our gear up to 5000 meters (16,000 ft.), over steep passes and down into valleys.

Santos, our local guide and chef extraordinary, from Qcocomoqo Q’eros, took excellent care of us, along with the two horsemen Juan and Herman (both from Qcocomoqo). We were tired and achy, uncomfortable yet contented. Without electricity or plumbing, computers, cell phones or anything more modern than tents and a gas stove, we luxuriated in the awesome energy of the mountains, lakes, rivers and streams. All that water raining down on us and all around, washed away any notion that we had control over anything.

We stayed present to each moment as it unfolded and found such peace in simple acceptance – being without judgment, emotion or attachment. As physically challenging as is was at times, we felt only contentment – that part for me was the most remarkable and rewarding. That profound aspect of the experience, I want to take out of the wilderness and into my everyday life.

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